We are the explorers of life, the digital world intellectuals. We never fear venturing into the unknown, as we are the ones who thrive on the world's unearthed gems. We enjoy being engaged in the world in our own creative way. The more we dig into the hard soil, the closer we get to fulfilling the needs of the avid soul… we are REDSPADES!

The power of
the 7-series

A live action video that discusses the specs and features of the

BMW 7-series.

the all-new panamera

A live action reveal video that showcases the arrival of the all-new Porsche Panamera in Jordan.

The Floating Teardrop

A concept that was created and transformed into a 3D model for Airport billboards and FIDS.

Brew Hyper-Lapse

A short hyper-lapse video that shows the cool ambiance of Brew Coffeehouse

Fall Drinks Await

A promotional video that advertises Brew coffeehouse’s  fall drinks offers.

Taste the Delicious Today

Photography and video Ads that promote Brew Coffeehouse’s fall season’s products.

Driving Pleasure

A live action video that showcases the pleasurable experience of a BMW car drive.

The Grand Transformation

A live action video that discusses the specs and features of the


The Ultimate
Driving Machine

An interview video with the president & CEO of Alfardan Group that  discusses the BMW special editions

The Experience of Living in the US

An interview video that discusses the experience of living abroad for the International Student Exchange Program, YES Program

Sanadcom PoS

A micro 3D video that promotes the Points of Sale services that Sanadcom offers.