We are the explorers of life, the digital world intellectuals. We never fear venturing into the unknown, as we are the ones who thrive on the world's unearthed gems. We enjoy being engaged in the world in our own creative way. The more we dig into the hard soil, the closer we get to fulfilling the needs of the avid soul… we are REDSPADES!

BMW - seven series

The client aimed to create a video that discusses the key specs and features of the BMW Seven Series vehicle, which would be distributed within a giveaway package to their customers. The video was taken in multiple places in Jordan and has a blend of beautiful landscapes that bring out the beauty of this car.

Porsche - the all-new panamera

The goal of this project was to reveal the arrival of the all-new Porsche Panamera in Jordan. The car was shot in an indoor and outdoor locations in Jordan. The video also discusses the key specs and features of the car as well as the luxury that this car is well-known for.

Brew Coffee House - Fall Season

In this project, we created a group of photos for Brew products to promote the warmth of coffee for the fall season of 2020. With the extensive experience we have in photography and photo editing the client was very happy with the results.

BMW Talks

BMW Talks was an initiative by Abu Khader Automotive that we had the pleasure to be a part of. The project was to showcase the multiple vehicles characteristics, and as RedSpades, we put in our efforts to present the idea with our experience in the fields of video shooting and video editing.

YES - Program

We were requested to video-shoot a series of interviews for the International Student Exchange Program -YES Program- that discussed the post-experience feedback from students. With our skills of video shooting and video edit we achieved the requested.


Elbrus was holding their annual dance festival in 2019 and we were asked to create the online and offline promoting campaign materials. We worked on shooting a series of videos for the dance troupe members which were used on their social media platforms. The photography team took part in the project and delivered a series of photos for the troupe members that were used as the main theme of the promoting materials.


After sharing their summer offline strategy for Dufry’s communication in 2019, we worked on creating a series of visuals, using our skills in graphic design, and working with a summer-y color palette to capture the vibe of freshness.

Sanadcom - SME Finance

Sanadcom specializes in financing SME’s working in Jordan. We created a 3D-animated explainer video to showcase the services offered by Sanadcom to all potential and existing customers.

QAIA Airport During Ramadan

In this project, we worked on creating a video to show the atmosphere of Ramadan at the airport. With days of hard work on video shooting and video editing, the results exceeded the client’s expectations.


With our branding and photography services we aimed to create an industrial identity for AlShawash Packaging Solutions using creative simplicity.

Beyond Travel - Gift Registry

Beyond Travel is one of our clients who requested a video to highlight the launch of the online honeymoon gift registry feature on their brand-new website. We worked on a direct and simple 3D motion design explainer video to present the idea in a fun and illuminating manner.